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The Turkish Empire by John Speed (London,1626)

Arch Dogans

Year: 1626
City: London
Size: 54 × 42 cm
Engraving art: Tinted lithograph
Artist: John Speed


Decorative full-color example of John Speed's map of the Turkish (Ottoman) Empire, from the first edition of Speed's Theatre of The World. Extends from the Saudi Peninsula to the Caspian Sea, Italy and North Africa centered on Cyprus and the Holy Land. Includes 8 city views across the top (Famagusta, Damascus, Cairo, Jerusalem, Constantinople, Rhode, Alexandria and Ormus) and 10 costumed figures along the sides. Fine full-color example, with a minor fold split just entering the printed image at the bottom of the map.


John Speed (1551 or 1552 – 28 July 1629) was an English cartographer and historian. He is, alongside Christopher Saxton, one of the best known English mapmakers of the early modern period. While working in London, Speed was a tailor and member of a corresponding guild and came to the attention of "learned" individuals. These individuals included Sir Fulke Greville, who subsequently made him an allowance to enable him to devote his whole attention to research. By 1598 he had enough patronage to leave his manual labour job and "engage in full-time scholarship". As a reward for his efforts, Queen Elizabeth granted Speed the use of a room in the Custom House. Speed, was, by this point, a "tailor turned scholar" who had a highly developed "pictorial sense". By 1595, Speed published a map of biblical Canaan, in 1598 he presented his maps to Queen Elizabeth, and in 1611–1612 he published maps of Great Britain. Speed drew historical maps in 1601 and 1627 depicting the invasion of England and Ireland, depictions of the English Middle Ages, along with those depicting the current time, with rough originals but appealing, colorful final versions of his maps. (Text source: Wikipedia)



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Vintage Art-The Turkish Empire by John Speed
Vintage Art-The Turkish Empire by John Speed
Vintage Art-The Turkish Empire by John Speed
Vintage Art-The Turkish Empire by John Speed