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Suleymaniye Mosque by William Henry Bartlett (London, 1838)

Arch Dogans

Suleymaniye Mosque painting of William Henry Bartlett was part of Miss Pardoe's 'The Beauties of the Bosphorus' album printed in London in 1838.

Year: 1838
City: London
Size: 25 x 37.5 cm
Engraving art: Tinted lithograph
Artist: William Henry Bartlett (1809-1854) 

William Henry Bartlett was a British artist, best known for his numerous drawings rendered into steel engravings. He became one of the foremost illustrators of topography of his generation. He travelled throughout Britain, and in the mid and late 1840s he travelled extensively in the Balkans and the Middle East. He made four visits to North America between 1836 and 1852.

Bartlett, the son of middle-class parents, attended a boarding-school in London from 1816 to 1821 and in 1822 was apprenticed to the architect and antiquarian, John Britton, whose establishment in the parish of St Pancras (London) offered the boy an education that was both theoretical and practical. Bartlett studied and copied architectural drawings of the past and present and, with Britton, visited noted ruins in England from which he made detailed sketches to be engraved for some of Britton’s own publications. At first, these sketches were purely architectural, as drawings in the last volume of Britton’s five-volume, The architectural antiquities of Great Britain (London, 1807–26) attest. Later, the quality of Bartlett’s sketches and his interest in landscape, especially obvious in some of the water-colours which he did about 1825 of Thomas Hope’s home at Deepdene, Surrey, led Britton to undertake the publication of Picturesque Antiquities of the English cities (London, 1836).

On 6 July 1831, he married Susanna Moon and thereafter his career was increasingly directed towards providing a livelihood for himself, his wife, and their five children. One of his first major assignments was to supply illustrations for Dr. William Beattie’s Switzerland illustrated (London, 1836), published by George Virtue. He sent 108 sketches in pen, pencil, and sepia wash to engravers who had been trained by the artist Turner, and they etched them on steel plates for Virtue. The thousands of prints made from these plates are proof of Bartlett’s success in catering to the popular taste for picturesque landscape and the sublimity of mountain scenery. For the rest of his life, Bartlett’s travels were extensive and continuous, and they led to illustrations for works on Syria, the Holy Land and Asia Minor, the Mediterranean coast, northern Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, the coastal areas of Britain, the Bosphorus, the Danube, the United States, and Canada. Bartlett became an accomplished traveller. (Text source: Dictionary of Canadian Biography)



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Vintage Art-Suleymaniye Mosque by William Henry Bartlett
Vintage Art-Suleymaniye Mosque by William Henry Bartlett